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    I want to control my ‘function’ layer from the thumb clusters, but i want it to be able to work like a standard modifier key so i can hold with one hand and press with the opposite hand. effectively, i want the layer controls to activate both halves of the ergodox.

    i’ve searched around some, but don’t have the vocabulary to succinctly describe this.

    is this possible?

    i’m guessing i’ll have to learn some about the firmware. Seems like it would really depend on whether the keyboard is able to receive an external signal.

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    When I activate one of the layers on my keyboard, both halves seem to update. Is that not how yours works? From there you would just set up one of your thumb clusters to one of the f/layer keys.

    I mapped a bunch of the brackets to keys on my home row (but a different layer) and then have a thumb cluster act as the toggle for them. Great for programming.

    The f/layer keys labelled f1-f7 in the online configurator are set up by default to work with holding them. It’s only the f/lock that you would “press to activate, do your layer business, then press again to deactivate”. The f/latch keys are similar, except you “press to activate, then press a key to do layer business and it automatically deactivates”.

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    Sounds like it might just be that your keyboard isn’t daisy chained.

    If you do not interconnect the two halves they will act as independent keyboards and modifier keys will not sync to the other half.

    This will sync the modifier keys
    Computer (USB A)——->(USB C) 1st half of Erogdox (USB A)——->(USB C) 2nd half of Erogdox

    This will allow the two halves to operate independently.
    Computer (USB A)——->(USB C) 1st half of Erogdox
    Computer (USB A)——->(USB C) 2nd half of Erogdox

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