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    I successfully followed the instructions for installing drivers and my keyboard layouts to the Ergodox when I first got it. Now I need to go back and change my layout but I’m having some troubles.

    I should say I probably oringally went through the process on Windows 8 64bit and my HDD since died so this is a fresh install. I don’t have drivers installed from Zadig on this installation but the Ergodox has whatever default drivers Windows installed for it. I’m now on Windows 10.

    I put the Ergodox in flash mode but Kiibohd DFU Bootloader does not appear in Zadig. I’m guessing this is because there’s already drivers installed? I can see the Ergodox by checking ‘List all Devices’ and unchecking ‘Ignore Hubs.’ I’ve tried overwriting the drivers for the Ergodox through Zadig but that just made the keyboard unresponsive. I uninstalled the Zadig drivers through device manager and the keyboard is working again with default Windows drivers.

    No device is listed in kii-dfu. I tried running the command line version but it also doesn’t detect the Ergodox. I’m running everything as administrator.

    How do I flash it/upload layouts at this point?

    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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