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    Hi all,

    I posted this on Reddit, without any luck, so I’ll copy paste it here.

    I’m having some issues with my newly built Ergodox infinity. At home, the keyboard works fine with a cable from the PC to one hand, then another cable from that hand to the other.

    Bringing my board to work though, the keyboard only works when each half has a cable run from it to the PC. However, if I try to plug one hand into the other, whichever hand is not directly plugged into the PC will not work. It’ll power on and display the I:C logo on its display, but I can’t switch layers or type anything.

    Is it some sort of driver issue? I’ve tried switching which hand is plugged into the computer, but I get the same results, so I know each hand is individually working, so I’m a bit baffled. Any wisdom would be appreciated.

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