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    Hello all,

    So I just soldered my first keyboard, the WhiteFox Aria and it is freaking amazing. The build itself is nice, and then the software is an added plus. Unfortunately I had some wacky issues I wanted to talk about to see why the firmware flash worked, along with possibly report issues with the GUI tool.

    My computer build is Windows 10, freshly formatted with (at the time of doing the keyboard stuff) only had Office 2016 and Visio 2016 along with the latest Windows updates. What would happen is when I would plug in the WhiteFox Aria it would be detected by Windows, install the drivers and then make the “device removal” noise. Once that happened the LED would turn off but the keyboard still functioned. Thinking it was just my build, I went to my wife’s machine which is Windows 8 and tested; tested there and it worked without an issue.

    I first looked at the HID drivers for the keyboard along with the virtual COM port which were fine. Also tried to uninstall and reinstall them, which did not help. I then finally read the ‘configuring your input club keyboard’ guide, which was well written but had an issue with the GUI application (it hung and crashed in Windows 10). No errors in the Event Viewer when I looked, but then the keyboard started freezing on reboot.

    I fixed this by simply downloading a blank Aria layout from the configurator tool and flashed it using DFU-UTIL.exe (DFU-UTIL.exe -D C:\Path\filename.dfu.bin). This rebooted the keyboard and worked like a charm! FIXED! Since then I have made a custom layout with the function keys to help me with work and unplugging / replugging in the keyboard I have yet to have an issue. I mean, I wrote about two hours of PowerShell hell with this keyboard with no issues so far (other than I am getting use to the layout).

    My intention of this post was to…

    – Tell folks how to fix there keyboard if they are having issues, as I have seen some other posts on here with some of these symptoms
    – Try to figure out what was wrong with my keyboard initially, and maybe some tips on how I can figure out what is wrong with the GUI app.

    Controller is amazing! Keep up the awesome work.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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