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  • jalvani
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    Hey, all. This seems to be a common topic, but I’ll add to the list of current issues with the configurator.

    Latest Firmware:
    * LED+/- won’t work when assigned to a key
    * f1 for layer mapping is unreliable
    * [R/L]GUI and [R/L] Shift aren’t reliable (eg. in MacOS, selecting multiple items using either Shift or Command doesn’t work – does work on LTS)

    LTS Firmware:
    * LED+/- works, but LED Toggle does not.

    I’ve tested the above only on a WhiteFox v1.1 that I just assembled. Not super thorough. I’d love to see fixes, if possible.


    Current layout files (running LTS, but providing both for validation):
    Latest: WhiteFox-TrueFoxBlank-0145baf572de7447c6b096b73f4cd5dc
    LTS: WhiteFox-TrueFoxBlank-106f6884f89067fbb520c393799e86f1

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    intolerant jerk
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    LED Tog doesn’t work at all on mine with the latest firmware. On both the LTS and Latest, I get sticky keys/double keys/delayed keys on various keys.

    Not sure anyone is monitoring this forum or not because it seems like it’s been weeks with zero change or comment from any devs.

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    Hello jalvani,

    Were you able to find a solution to your problems? I have having the same issue. The firmware generated by the configuration does flash properly on my whitefox.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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