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  • Auretus Auror
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    I got my Ergodox Infinity as part of the MD group, and initially it worked fine. The problem surfaced recently, when I decided to swap out the Matias switches for Cherry MX Browns. Desoldering the switches was tedious, but seemed to go off without a hitch. Once I had the new switches soldered in and fired up the EK Switch Hitter application to test, however, I discovered a problem.

    Problem description: The keys labeled S4 and S11 on the left-hand board do not function. Pushing the switch does nothing.

    Attempted resolution steps:

    • I’ve tested continuity on the bare switches, and on the switches when soldered into place. Continuity is present.
    • On suspicion that the desoldering braid had accidentally sucked up the solder on the nearby SMD, I added a bit of solder to that contact point, with no apparent effect.
    • Visual inspection of the SMDs under a magnifying glass shows minor superficial melting from the soldering iron tip, but no worse than on any of the other, functioning switches.
    • Desoldering the joints and reapplying fresh solder had no noticeable effect. As previously mentioned, solder joint continuity test with my multimeter comes back positive when the switch is depressed, as it should.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Could you check continuity from the larger of the two oval pads on S11 to the larger pad of S17? If that works, can you check for continuity between the small oval of S4 and S11 to the nearest square pad of the diode (of their own respective diode, of course).

    Auretus Auror
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    I apologize in advance for the extreme lateness of my reply; I didn’t even see the notification for your post until I cleaned out my email backlog this past week.

    To answer your question, continuity tested negative between the large oval pads of S11 and S17. Continuity tested positive between the small oval to diode connections for S4 and S11.

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    Auretus Auror
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    Update: patched from S11 to S17 with a length of 22-gauge wire, keyboard is working perfectly now.

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    Hey Auretus, would it be possible to get a picture of the wire work you did with this resolder? I’m having the same issues on my left hand of the keyboard but in a different spot and am trying to fix it in a similar fashion. I don’t know if you’ll be able to post images in this forum, but if it’s not too much trouble could you find an image hosting site and link it here? Much appreciated!

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