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    I received my ergodox infinity last week and I am trying to set up a KLL file to describe the bépo layout.

    For that I need to geneate “results” as “é”. The easiest I could think of is using ALT+130. I am trying to understand how to define that in KLL.
    I tried:
    U"I" : U0xE2 + U["P1"], U0xE2 + U["P3"], U0xE2 + U["P0"];
    wich gives: ☺♥ so in factATL+1, ALT+3, ALT+0

    U"O" : U0xE2 + U["P1"], U["P3"], U["P0"];
    which gives: ☺30 so ALT+1, 30

    What is the syntax to have the ALT pressed while giving the three extra codes?

    Thanks 🙂

    PS: another solution I have is to use the “USA International” layout, then:
    U"W" : U0x34, U["E"];
    gives me what I want.

    but then, I tried to cath the “SHIFT” version with:
    U[0xE1, 0xE5] + U"W" : U0x34, U0xE1 + U["E"];

    but it does not seem to be caught.
    Same with:
    U[0xE1-0xE5] + U"W" : U0x34, U0xE1 + U["E"];

    What did I miss?

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    • This topic was modified 2 years ago by  Pierre. Reason: Formatting
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    It seems like it doesn’t track sequences greater than 1.

    It seems like you would need to combine combinations with sequences OR have an AltLock/AltUnlock capability. Something like:

    Combo + Sequence: <input> : U"ALT", (U"P0" + U"P1" + U"P3" + U"P0");
    AltLock/Unlock: <input> : U"ALTLOCK" + U"P0" + U"P1" + U"P3" + U"P0" + U"ALTUNLOCK";

    But as far as I have been able to discover a capability similar to one of these is not supported.

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