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    My WhiteFox has been humming along nicely without the need to flash it for many reasons. I went back to make some changes, reflashed the board and all the NumPad characters stopped working.

    I’ve tested against normal characters, and those work fine. The NumPad doesn’t do anything, or it will move the cursor up the page. Occasionally it will paste information. I went back to an older build and those seemed to be failing, too.

    Any thoughts?

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    The NumPad operators (+-*/) work properly.
    Where “Z” is mapped to regular 2 works.

    It seems only the NumPad numbers don’t.

    This is the current .kll.

    Name = “WhiteFox”;
    Layout = “VanillaBlank”;
    Base = “AllBlank”;
    Version = “0.2”;
    Author = “HaaTa (Jacob Alexander) 2015”;
    KLL = “0.3c”;
    Date = “2016-05-30”;
    Generator = “KIICONF 0.2″;

    U”1″ : U”F11″;
    U”2″ : U”F12″;
    U”3″ : U”F13″;
    U”4″ : U”F14″;
    U”5″ : U”F15″;
    U”6″ : U”F16″;
    U”7″ : U”P7″;
    U”8″ : U”P8″;
    U”9″ : U”P9″;
    U”BACKTICK” : U”P7″;
    U”U” : U”P4″;
    U”I” : U”P5″;
    U”O” : U”P6″;
    U”DELETE” : U”P-“;
    U”J” : U”P1″;
    U”K” : U”P2″;
    U”L” : U”P3″;
    U”PAGEUP” : U”P*”;
    U”Z” : U”2″;
    U”M” : U”P0″;
    U”COMMA” : ’00’;
    U”PERIOD” : U”P.”;
    U”PAGEDOWN” : U”P/”;

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    SOLVED: Looks like when I was flashing my other keyboard accidentally turned NumLock OFF, so my keyboard was registering the home/arrow/pgup, etc. keys.

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