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Placing DCS keycaps on my ErgoDox Infinity 2016-03-02T11:26:40+00:00

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    I received my ErgoDox Infinity keyboard as a gift and just finished building it. The slowest step for me was determining, which keys went where, because I had profiled DCS keycaps from different rows but without labels. I’m unfamiliar with the various profiles so I’d like to show people the useful information that guided me through the process.

    First, I had trouble knowing the profile of the keys at all. Eventually I found this description of the DCS profile which matched very well and described the set of keys I had.
    DCS profile by rows

    Without a part number on the bag of keys (or nothing that got a hit on Google, I didn’t have a way to know how many of each row to expect, though I eventually came across this suggestion https://www.massdrop.com/buy/ergodox-keycap that contains a packing list for my bag of keycaps that was correct.
    16 – Row 1 – 1u
    14 – Row 2 – 1u
    10 – Row 3 – 1u
    20 – Row 4 – 1u
    2 – Row 1 – 1.5u
    2 – Row 2 – 1.5u
    6 – Row 3 – 1.5u
    2 – Row 4 – 1.5u
    4 – Row 2 – 2u

    I think if I’d diligently laid them out, I might have been able to get these numbers right, but I’d gotten it wrong before and therefore didn’t know how many of each key I had. Then I could go through and figure out where to place the 16 1u row 1 keys etc. Here’s the set of choices I made
    DCS row placement for ergodox

    I’d definitely love to replace the 10 lowest row 4 keys with the convex versions.

    IDK if this helps anyone, but I couldn’t find a clear story when I went looking, and I found a lot of stuff on this webpage so it seemed a good place to post it.

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    YES! This was so helpful, thank you for doing the research. I just got my Massdrop Infinity a few weeks ago and found no other guides online for placing DCS keycaps. Your layout lined up with the keycap types I received and as far as I’m concerned, the arrangement is the best possible.

    Just wanted to say thanks. Cheers!

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    Thank you so much for blazing this trail. I think it would have taken me three or four times as long to get my caps sorted out without this post.

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    Thank you so much!

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    I use SA keys with mine; I go for row 1/2/3 for the thumb areas, kind of like Row 5/1/2 for DSA on that chart. They are so much easier to hit (still not really easy). Kind of surprised you didn’t go with row 5 DSA on the top, but I don’t really hover my hands as much as I should. I also have ordered extra SA row 2 1.5U for the inside edge keys and face them towards my fingers as well, similar to your set up. Almost think Row 1 would work here too but those are a bit high. I ended up managing to get some extra R1 1U keys directly from pimpmykeyboard for my current set, and some extra Row 2 1.5U for the insides of the Amazing Chocolateer set that is arriving … someday…

    Makers of ergodox sets usually just use flat row 3 SAs for the lowest row; I use row 4 for the two outside keys and row 3 for the three inside keys which helps a bit with my pinkies and helps to home on them away from the deep dish home keys in the home row.

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