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    I also drilled a hole with no problem, and no special tools.

    I watched this video to get my confidence up and know that it can be done safely.

    With the keyboard fully assembled, I turned it upside down and used a marker to make a tiny dot on the backplate right above the reset button – to use as a guide.
    I then took out the screws, took off the top 2 plates, removed the switch plate, and then put the top plates back on the posts, then turned the whole thing over again, with the backplate on top. This just serves as an easy way to prop up the backplate, without having the switch plate/pcb in the way.

    I then used a 1/16″ drill bit (split-point titanium – nothing special, from a cheap Ryobi variety pack from Home Depot). Placed the bit right on the guide dot I made, and turned the drill on as slow as it would go. It eventually went through.

    Got me a perfect sized hole to use the end of a paperclip to hit reset button. I drilled a hole in both keyboard halves without any problem.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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