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    Here is a thread where you can share a link to your layout, whether it is for the ErgoDox, the Infinity 60%, or for an upcoming project.

    Here is a basic layout for the Infinity ErgoDox

    Infinity Ergodox

    Here is the firmware for this layout.


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    fine, i’ll go first

    i don’t even know how to get a userpic but who cares, victory goes to those that turned up

    keyboard layers 0, 1, 2

    keyboard layer 3

    here’s the json, too.

    i use osx.


    a) i wanted esc to be a general all layers “cancel current layer” key but it doesn’t quite work in practise. a clear layers key should be implemented

    b) all the f-keys, the PRSC, etc – are all remapped by karabiner because karabiner is awesome. i really wish input club could have stuck to reinventing the wheel on all the other bits of the project and just worked to port karabiner to something that could be jammed into the firmware… because kara is constantly updated with significant updates weekly; and that gives you an idea of how much work is involved in key remap software. input club can’t put one person on full-time KLL duty, so it would have been nice to have kara at firmware level. ok rant over.

    c) f1 through f5 are various function keys. on the QWER row, it’s QUIT, CLOSE, up, OPEN and FIND.

    d) f10 through f12 on layer 1 are remapped at karabiner level to cut/copy/paste. level 1 is sorta a keypad (right) navigation (left) layer.

    e) f13 is COMMAND + CONTROL so I can hit that & POWER to instant kill my system. which is reassuring. it does tend to get stuck in a boot loop, but since it’s for emergencies, ok.

    f) f16 is alfred, my launcher. it’s pretty ok.

    g) as you see from the second image i don’t want to flash by accident. that gets you arrested.

    so, yeah. as you see i use dvorak, have done since high school because my friend told me i would get rsi if i didn’t get a better keyboard or stop typing qwerty. i have several nice keyboards now, but i don’t have rsi. thanks, friend.

    i’d like to suggest that layers should be able to be designated fall-through or not. having to remap every key sucks, but so does having half a hand of DV working. it means you don’t realise you’re on your navigation layer.

    constructive feedback is entirely welcome but if you’re gonna tell me the whole thing sucks then post yours first.

    i’ve got NFI how to do proper macros in KLL and NFI how to compile it on mac. otherwise i’d do that.

    infinity ergodox setup

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    I’m a OSX and Windows (and occasionally Linux) user, so I’ve remapped the ‘capslock’ location to be either Ctrl or Cmd, sort of, but I’m working on making a layer that makes things like “capslock-q” be alt-f4 for windows and cmd-q for Mac (Caps-w => ctrl-f4/cmd-w, etc…). The firmware I have is bricking the keyboard, though, so it’s not quite done. Here’s what I’ve currently got: null I’m using Keyboard Layout Editor as a great place to document what I’m trying to get working…

    I also froze my butt off in my woodshop over the holiday break to make a tenting/wrist rest setup: null (Yes, I have hacked the crap out of my firmware: custom icons, different colors, etc… Lots of screwing around to avoid debugging the key remapping problem πŸ™

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    Hey Kevin, glad to see someone else has managed to get their IE working πŸ˜›

    Wanna share the “layout” of your wrist tenting setup?

    It pisses me off that the dev team are spending their efforts on creating yet another keyboard (no doubt with every wheel reinvented) while apparently neglecting KLL and as such their userbase.

    Why’ve you used that key position for VOL+? It’s super easily reachable with my thumb, you might have more luck with CTRL there. But YMMV of course.

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    My setup is designed to let my muscle memory work as well as possible when stuck using the keyboard on my laptop, thus I try to keep the main modifiers all in the same spot. The KLL stuff seems completely decent to me: what more would you like to see done that’s not working currently? (and I haven’t used IE since I left Microsoft 18 months ago :). I fixed the bricking problem (I’m apparently the first user to create more than 254 macros, thanks to my crazy use of CapsLock as a layer shift instead of a simple modifier), and it seems to be working great.

    If you’ve got Visio, you can open the plans from here: http://1drv.ms/1ODXETt

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    Hey Kevin,

    I’m looking to set up a couple macros like you setup for the caps lock and I’m wondering how you defined them in your KLL files. a link to your KLL files would be awesome!

    Thanks in advance

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    Just like everyone else, mine is a work in progress. I intend to change it to Colemak, but I need to be able to type productively on work so I might start with only a layer.

    Here is my layer 0

    My layer 1 only has Backspace/delete and Space/Enter switch places for gaming. Though I am sure I can do more gaming related adjustments for this layer. When I switch to colemak this layer will continue to be qwerty based. Just need to realize what other keys from the right half are universally most useful for gaming.

    Layer 2 is meant for utility, I currently only have F1 through F12 mapped, surly there is more I can add to this layer. Like mouse support when that is a thing.

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    Here is my current layout. Main level is Colemak, level 1 is inspired by Extend layer of DreymaR, level 2 is numpad, level 3 is qwerty.

    Ergodox Colemak layout

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    Hey you could link your firmware again? I have an old Ergodox running Teensy 2.0, and I can’t find a good .hex file for it

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    Layers explained:
    0. Base layer – querty (as close as i could keep it to regular keyboard)
    1. Mirror mode – for typing with only left hand while right hand is on the mouse (used the key where caps-lock used to be in order to get to this layer)
    2. Numpad (using regular numbers, not the β€˜P’, no need for numlock
    3. Arrows (including Home/End/PgUp/PgDn, and Down arrow exists both in the WASD location the keypad lockation to make it as close to the regular numpad)
    4. Mouse layer
    5. F button layer – location also based on numpad – more natural and intuitive for me to find the right F key without looking
    6. Media layer – also based on the arrows/numpad location (left/right = prev/next; up/down = vol up/down)
    7. Misc – just special buttons i don’t often use (LED, Screen brightness, Flash etc.)

    using this configurator:

    Layers 0, 1, 2

    Layers 2,3

    Layers 4,5

    Layers 6,7

    Google doc with JSON and this explanation
    My 7 Layers

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