Configurator FAQ

How can I activate a function layer?

  • There are three was to activate a function layer: Shift, Lock and Latch.
  • Shift activates the layer while the associated function shift key is held down.
  • Lock activates the layer when they key is pressed and deactivates when pressed again.
  • Latch activates the layer after the key is pressed but deactivates once the next key is pressed.

I don’t use a US ANSI keyboard, how can I remap my keys?

  • KLL is currently limited by the USB HID keyboard standard which defines that all keys must be defined using a US ANSI keyboard plus some extra keys.
  • First, take a look at the layout of a standard IBM PC Keyboard.
  • In most cases just map to the same physical location on a US ANSI layout.
  • Make sure your OS is set to correct keyboard language.
  • If you can’t remap certain keys (or they are missing from the key selection) please file a report on GitHub.

I can’t remap <insert key here>, what can I do?

  • This depends a lot on which key you are trying to remap.
  • Currently Unicode is not supported.
  • Make sure it’s available in the USB HID Spec – Section 10 Keyboard/Keypad Page (0x07).
  • If it is available and you can’t remap it please file a report on GitHub.

Can I edit the KLL files by hand?

  • Yes, but you’ll need to recompile the firmware manually.
  • Please refer to the controller readme for instructions.
  • For any changes to the KLL files, the firmware must be recompiled.

The .zip file has looks like; what happened?

  • Unfortunately you found a bug in the Configurator and compiler was unable to generate the firmware image.
  • The zip file contains a lot of useful log files to help debugging the issue, including the KLL files.
  • Please file a report on GitHub.

Can you add <insert feature> to the Configurator?

  • Perhaps.
  • We also accept pull requests for those that don’t mind getting their hands dirty with some coding.

How do I load the firmware image (usually .dfu.bin) onto the device?

  • Check your keyboard’s build guide or follow this wiki.