Infinity 60% FAQ

Does the Infinity 60% Kit have backlighting? Are there plans for backlighting?

  • No, the Infinity 60% Kit does not support backlighting.
  • No, There are no plans for the Infinity 60% to support backlighting.

Does the Infinity 60% Kit have NKRO?

  • Yes. The Infinity 60% Kit has NKRO by default on most operating systems including Mac OSX. The 6KRO compatibility mode may be explicitly toggled via the firmware if needed.

Is the Infinity 60% programmable? How do I reprogram my Infinity 60% to a different layout?

  • Yes, the Infinity 60% is fully programmable.
  • Use the web configurator to download the hex files and flash it on to the keyboard or download and compile KLL on your own.
  • TMK firmware is also compatible with the Infinity 60%.

Does the Infinity 60% support media keys? Does the Infinity 60% support macros?

  • Yes the Infinity 60% supports media keys and macros. Currently the configurator does not support macros but you can compile your own hex file using the KLL to create any macros needed.

What kind of stabilizers does the Infinity 60% Kit use and are they included in the kit?

  • The Infinity 60% Kit uses Co-Star stabilizers. The stabilizers are included in the kit.

What kind of switch plate does the Infinity 60% Kit use? Does it come with a case?

  • The Infinity 60% Kit uses a 1.5 mm thick stainless steel plate for the switches to mount in to.
  • The kit comes with either a plate and a plastic molded case similar to the poker 2 and 3

What happened to the bent stainless steel case that the Infinity 60% originally came with?

  • The stainless steel bent case is no longer available. We have decided that the plastic case gives a more finished look to the product. If there is enough demand we may bring back the bent stainless steel plate for a limited time but it is unlikely.

What microchip does the Infinity 60% Kit use?

  • The Infinity 60% Kit uses the MK20DX128VLF5  The datasheets can be found here and here.

What kind of switches are compatible with the Infinity 60% Kit?

  • Cherry MX
  • Cherry MX clones (Gateron, Kailh, etc)
  • ALPS
  • ALPS clones (Matias)

Can I open the switches after I install them and solder a PCB on?

  • Yes. The Infinity 60% Kit supports opening switches after installation.

Does the Infinity 60% work in BIOS/OS Selector modes?

  • Usually. If the BIOS has implemented the USB HID spec correctly the keyboard will automatically switch to 6KRO mode.
  • If not, you can set the keyboard into 6 KRO mode manually using KLL

What kind of USB connector does the Infinity 60% use?

  • The Infinity 60% currently uses a USB Mini connector. Once USB C becomes available we will update the PCB with that.

What keycaps does the Infinity 60% need?

  • 49x 1u keycaps
  • 2x 1.75u keycaps
  • 2x 2u keycaps
  • 1x 6.25u Spacebar(standard layout)
  • 1x 6u Spacebar (hacker layout)
  • 2x 1.5u keycaps
  • 7x 1.25u keycaps (standard layout)