Gateron Blue

Gateron Blue switches are shockingly inconsistent. Poor quality control resulted in some undesirable force measurements during testing. When beginning a keypress, scratchy vibrations were common. That behavior typically indicates low quality tooling and / or dust contamination. Other testers and reviewers express divergent impressions, so your mileage may vary. It should be noted that the risk of inconsistent feel in keyswitches is multiplied by the number of switches on a board. The high failure rates merit additional criticism.

The click itself is substantial. Drawn out tactility, a loud report, and a low price might make the switch appealing in budget builds. It is almost certain that Gateron lucked into the Blues’ feel and sound.

Gateron wasn’t so fortunate with other metrics. Sloppy manufacturing may cause varied click mechanism actuations, which also affects the switch’s electrical activation point. Our team hypothesizes that the slider doesn’t return fully after each stroke. If that is the case, it is a serious design flaw.

A stronger spring might eliminate that issue. Further testing is necessary.

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