Gateron Green

Gateron attempted to emulate Cherry Green switches, which are quite clicky and heavy, with its Green clones. Gateron’s efforts were painfully unsuccessful due to friction and unreliable force curves. While some may enjoy their tone, the actual force profile is considered less desirable by most users.

Reports on Gateron Green friction levels vary, as some users state that Gateron switches, in general, are smoother than equivalent Cherry models. Actual measurements do not support this claim. Contact leaf materials, spring selection, and resulting stiffness levels, may account for the brand dependent differences.

Quality control is the weakest link in Gateron offerings. Regular reports of poorly sized housing elements, dead on arrival switches, and other issues crop up on forums. If a cheap green-style switch is necessary for a nonessential project, Gateron Greens will work. It should be noted that Cherry MX Green switches are a better choice when cost is not an issue. The price difference is negligible at major switch retailers.