Kaihua Blue Mechanical Switches 2017-09-23T10:51:11+00:00

Kaihua Blue

While most Kaihua switches are firmer than their competitors, the Kaihua Blue has a polished feel that it is much softer than usual. One thing we were impressed with was that the Kaihua Blue has the most consistent tactile bump we’ve seen in an MX style clicky switch. Similar to their Brown switch, the slope after the bump is long and smooth, ending in a loud click upon actuation.

While the force required is less than the Cherry MX Blue, Kaihua matches the switch travel very accurately, meaning you need to press for the same distance to achieve a click. It definitely feels different than the other clicky switches, but has a very solid construction, and is one of the best new version of the popular Blue switch available due to its high force curve consistency throughout the entire press. NOTE: We selected the Kaihua Blue RGB SMD LED compatible switch for the Blue Switch in the K-Type after our findings. Other factors that had considerable weight in our decision making process was Kaihua's development of SMD LED compatible light pipes to maximize LED brightness, invention of a novel hot-swappable switch mount included with every switch, and clear housings for better light dispersion.