Matias Click

The Matias switch line is designed and produced by Edgar Matias. Matias Click switches are, for all intents and purposes, clones of Simplified (SKBM) White Alps switches. Minor design improvements and different materials set them apart, but not in a significant way. It should be noted that SKBM White Alps are not currently produced, making these the only Alps clicky switch in mass production.

Alps SKBM-style click leaves bend during a key press and snap back when a certain pressure is applied, creating tactility and sound. The resulting noise is sharp and nearly rattle-free. It also has a hollow plastic-like undertone, which is unsurprising given its plastic shell. A metallic “schick,” which is composed of two short echoey rasps, punctuates the upstroke before its return clack. The “schick” noise, which is related to switch reset, is rather quiet.

Historically, the Matias Click switch had a wobbly stem. That trait is generally considered undesirable. A recent tooling refresh, however, may have improved its performance. Its initial tactile bump has a pleasantly steep dropoff. Momentum from that cliff carries one’s fingers through the second tactile bump, rendering it insignificant. The upstroke, however, showcases both tactile points. They are tangible as indistinct vibration or, if released slowly, two distinct hangups in the release.