Tactile Keyboard Switch

Legend has it that the Tactile Quiet or Brown Mechanical switch was developed as a quieter alternative to the Tactile Clicky Blue switch that could be used in corporate workspaces. The primary feature of the Tactile Quiet switch is its tactile bump, which provides this wonderful feeling when you have successfully pressed down a key. There is still a slight noise that is produced, so it is not entirely without audible feedback, but this switch is more about the feeling at your fingertips than anything else.

This switch is wildly popular and easily available in almost every mechanical keyboard variation. Tactile Quiet and Tactile Clicky switches make up over 65% of the current mechanical keyboard market, and are even more common in historical keyboards since they have been produced for such a long time.

Our testing has covered a majority of the commonly available Tactile Quiet Cherry Style variants, more do exist and may be added at any time. It also should be noted that the construction and style of the Tactile Quiet (Brown) switch is incredibly similar to the Tactile Quiet Firm or Cherry MX Clear switch. The Firm Tactile Quiet switch is enjoying a renaissance in popularity with the Mechanical Keyboard Community and as a result, many enthusiasts are experimenting with mixtures of the Tactile Quiet and Firm Tactile Quiet by swapping components of the switches back and forth.