Input Club Hako Violet

Hako Violet switches, are the third and lightest switch designed by the team at Input Club. The spring found in Hako Violet mechanical switches is a very light, 50 gram spring intended to provide a delicate touch and to more accurately create the feeling of a Topre keypress (Topre 45g, Topre 55g) in a mechanical switch. The curve has a long, clean slope and a very wide tactile bump. 

Like the other Hako switches (True, Clear), Violet switches increase the force required to push after actuation dramatically. This provides a tactile ledge to guide your fingers when to stop pressing, for the purposes of helping avoid “bottoming-out” the switch. Violet switches are much lighter than the other Hako switches however, making them very appropriate for rapid presses during gaming or other tasks that benefit from a less standard typing style.