Matias Quiet Click

Matias Quiet Click switches are based on original Alps designs from the 1980s. Their tactile mechanism and contacts use elements like those in simplified Alps. Quiet Click stems adopt a rubber damping system from SKCM Alps. Matias switches are the only commonly available modern clone of original Alps products.

The Quiet Click name is somewhat misleading -- perhaps even an oxymoron -- due to the lack of a perceptible click. A solid tactile feel and relatively low noise make these switches an interesting option for keyboard builds. Keypresses showcase several unique elements due to the switches’ integrated silencers. A raspy sounding (but relatively smooth) press results in a small “scritch” noise at the primary tactile point and a soft thud at bottom out. Upstroke noise is a similarly soft, but higher pitched, thud. A near-inaudible “plick” can be coaxed from a Quiet Click if its stem is pulled towards its contact leaves, but the noise varies in volume. It certainly isn’t powerful enough or accessible enough to be called a click.

Noticeable stem wobble is present in all four axes of the Quiet Click switch. New tooling is said to reduce this significantly. A sharp initial tactile point leads to a small secondary bump before bottom out. The force curve resembles that of Complicated Black Alps, which share twin tactile points. Quiet Click switches improve upon its performance with lower weight, a primary tactile point that falls off quickly, and a less noticeable secondary point.