NovelKeys Box Royal

NovelKeys Box Royal switches essentially double the tactile bump found in Box Heavy Burnt Oranges. That massive increase was achieved with a stronger tactile leaf and a lighter spring. Box Royals are intensely tactile, but they may not be ideal for casual users.

Box Royals exhibit sharp primary tactility and a few secondary bumps, which may feel grainy to some users. In that regard, they’re similar to Black Alps. The secondary tactile elements are most obvious during slow presses.

NovelKeys Box Royal switches bottom out rather easily, which may make them undesirable for floating typists. Their low return force could cause laggy or incomplete slider reset in limited numbers of switches. A near-zero force reading during upstroke is clearly visible, though this may not be an issue after a tactile leaf break-in period. Similar return issues were observed in NovelKeys Box Jade switches.

Box Royal switches implement all general improvements from their series. Per switch drainage, isolated contacts, and reduced stem wobble contribute to a solid platform. Switch sound is affected by contact rasp, though the noise is reduced with heavy factory lubrication.

Box switches with click bars seem to exhibit more smoothness than tactile and linear variants. A number of variables may contribute to that impression, so further investigation is necessary.