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About the Team

Input Club Inc. was formed by a small group keyboard enthusiasts who also happened to know something about electronics, design and engineering. Their goal is to bring fresh new ideas to human interface devices.

Input Club specializes in bringing new input devices ideas from paper to manufacturing, including everything else in between. Send any questions to [email protected]

Jacob Alexander – HaaTa

Known as the premier world expert on keyboards and famed keyboard archaeologist, Jacob Alexander (also known by his web handle, HaaTa), designs the firmware and operating system that Input Club’s projects run on. His collection of keyboards contains over 500 pieces and these relics from the history of computing inspire many of the Input Club’s creations.

Gennadiy Nerubayev – Parak

Gennadiy Nerubayev, also known as Parak, is a serious keyboard enthusiast and collector of vintage IBMs in particular. He generally takes care of PCB designs and logistics as well as any Input Club background technical matters. He is a deeply organized individual and applies his meticulous perfectionism to the fundamental design of every product. His secret weakness is crumpled paper.

Brandon Muzzin – Over^Kill

Brandon Muzzin, known as Over^Kill, is a mechanical engineer and designer who creates the cases, plates, and all other physical components for Input Club’s creations. His favorite hobbies are feature creep and long walks around the block.

Andrew Lekashman – lekashman

Andrew Lekashman, on IRC as lekashman, previously ran Massdrop’s Mechanical Keyboard group buys. He coordinated over 1,000 group buys in a single year, and has considerable knowledge of the keyboard industry. He will be serving as Input Club’s Business Advisor. In his copious spare time, he is writing the book on sandwiches.

Jeremy Bondeson – jbondeson

Jeremy Bondeson is a wizard web developer who maintains and improves the Input Club Configurator and invents the software that allows people to customize their keyboards. After a decade developing financial software and finding the bean counters not exacting enough, he is now applying his considerable expertise to making sure that people with bizarre and unreasonable Linux distributions are able to use their keyboards effectively. He enjoys brewing non-Euclidean beers with unusual flavor profiles, such as hoppy red wheat beers brewed with Belgian yeast or pumpkin beer crafted from pleasantly plump pumpkins.